Reject on Impact
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F-Units — Reject on Impact
Release date : Sept. 29, 2006
Label : Independent
  1. Fat Lip
  2. Solitude
  3. Lost in Space
  4. Alpha East Side
  5. Dying to Forget
  6. Nowhere Fast
  7. Hypocrite
  8. In the Dark
  9. Southside
  10. Still Want You

“When I saw that the band was called the F-Units, I was expecting some hard punk stuff in the verins of F-Minus or the F-Ups. This is not what is present on “Reject on Impact”, as the F-Units play a brand of rock that is lightly tinged by punk rock. This does not mean that what the F-Units plays is not interesting, but individuals should understand that this style of music is present instead of what seems like would be on there. Each of the tracks occupies a space in popular music that has not been covered very often. While “Dying To Forget” is a track that recalls early Green Day, many of the songs reside in a negative zone between punk and rock and do not comfortably fit in either domain. All of the songs are catchy, and the F-Units are one of the few acts that are able to come up with their own sound at such an early point in their careers.

While a number of the tracks are fun to listen to, F-Units really start to shine during “Nowhere Fast”. The sound is full, while there are a number of layers present that will take individuals a decent amount of time to properly decipher. The F-Units will be able to make big in the music industry soon, especially considering that the band is able to take hints of other famous acts (Reel Big Fish during “Hypocrite”, and Green Day a number of other times) and place them alongside their own sound to boost themselves into the stratosphere.

I would say that the F-Units need to insert a little more of themselves into their music, but even with this super-polished sound, the band places the entirety of their soul into each and every track on this disc. The disc is bouncy from beginning to end, and while the band touches upon so many different acts, they always come forth with a style that is only their own. Kudos to them on that, and I fully expect the F-Units to be played on national media in a few short months, after news of this album hits the individuals that it needs to hit. The band does not have any rough or annoying parts to them that need to be changed; it is a rare thing to say that about a band, but it is completely and utterly true.”

Top Tracks: Still Want You, Dying To Forget

Rating: 7.1/10

Reviewed 27 August 2006