About the band

F ormed in New York City in January of 2004, F-Units have created their own personal brand of punk-influenced hard rock while drawing influences from some of the greatest cross-generational rock bands of our time. F-Units get their name from diesel engine locomotives built by General Motors’ Electro-Motive Division in the 1940s and 50s — a metaphor for the band’s sound — “hard, fast, loud… fueled by power-pop hooks and raunch-rock riffs slammed together with the heavy driving force of a runaway freight train”. The band features New Orleans native Scott Bellina (vocals/rhythm guitar), Tom Meehan (bass), Max Holland (lead guitar), and Davide Loop Filippini on drums.

Behind the Music

F -Units released their debut album Reject on Impact on September 29, 2006. This DIY debut features ten blistering pop-influenced punk tracks recorded in Brooklyn and mixed in Los Angeles by Scott Gilman, who’s credits include the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, Damone, and Frank Black. The band released their much anticipated 2nd studio album, Alone in Babylon in the Summer of 2010. Recorded in NYC’s famed The Cutting Room Studios, Alone in Babylon features 12 punk-influenced hard rock stadium anthems also mixed by Los Angeles producer Scott Gilman.

From the ferocious southern-stomp of the title track to a heart-wrenching pulse of sincerity, F-Units’ sophomore effort contains a sonic masterpiece of punk-influenced arena anthems that reaches deep into the bands’ abundance of influences — all the while brandishing a swagger that is unique unto themselves.

Regarding the release F-Units frontman Scott Bellina states, “Creating an album of this magnitude by our own accord is more than an accomplishment, it’s a statement. As the title suggests, we’ve been doing the DIY-thing in New York for so long that we’ve become masters at it. This record embodies the raw emotions of a tremendously talented group of individuals that more than deserve their moment in the sun. It’s been long in coming, but our journey through Babylon might just be what gets us there.”

“Get us there” indeed…  the title track from Alone in Babylon made it’s primetime television debut on episode 215 of NBC’s Parenthood on February 8th, 2011. That same day, the song was put into heavy rotation on ClearChannel syndicate WAIL 99.5 FM, Florida Keys.

Several songs from the same album are currently in rotation on a major cable network and “Lipstick Traces” was used on ABC Family’s The Fosters on July 8th, 2013.

Fully charging ahead

I n July 2011, the band began an experimental phase and released the digital EP Black Heart Blacksmith Shop which portrays the band’s versatility by bordering into the indie, acoustic, and alt-country genres while maintaining it’s unique identity and rock credibility. The EP features four single tracks written, recorded, mixed, produced, and mastered solely by the members of the band.

This experiment has proven worth it’s while as F-Units have begun writing additional material for an sonically rock-driven and inspired third album most likely to be recorded in late 2013 into early 2014, with a targeted release in fall 2014. Some work-in-progess tracks have been released on the band’s bandcamp profile which suggest a glimpse of some more greatness to come with tracks such “Electro Bomb”, “Chemicals”, and “T.M.I.”