“F-Units brand of punk-influenced hard rock features an elixir of power-pop hooks and raunch-rock riffs — slammed down with the force of a runaway freight train.”

F-Units’ third studio release, F-Units EP, is now available at all digital distribution outlets. 

A Must-See Live

“What stands out to me the most is how much the F-Units rock… a welcome breath of fresh air into the very stale rock airwaves. Their driving drums, flesh melting string shredding and well produced tunes could slap Dave Grohl in the face and bring him back into the world of rock.” —

this album is superb

“With no major label help Alone in Babylon is truly a masterpiece and a big accomplishment… a clear demonstration that if no one is going to do it for you, you’re just as capable for doing it on your own, your own way. If this album doesn’t help propel the F-Units into rock stardom and a full time touring cycle in support of, then it is likely nothing will, this is clearly this bands lucky star.” — Louie Bones, Big Wheel Magazine

F-Units Deliver ‘Impact’

“I’m gaining a deeper respect everyday for bands like this that still do things themselves instead of looking for that perfect Indie Label to put out their music… F-Units’ Reject on Impact is a debut CD that seems like the beginning of more to come.” — Dave Fishwick, The Neus Subjex

Vintage rock bombast

“Even with this super-polished sound, the band places the entirety of their soul into each and every track on this disc. The disc is bouncy from beginning to end, and while the band touches upon so many different acts, they always come forth with a style that is only their own. Kudos to them on that, and I fully expect the F-Units to be played on national media in a few short months, after news of this album hits the individuals that it needs to hit.” —

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